Youth Are Building Their Own Power.

Historically, the movement to end youth homelessness has been led primarily by older adults without lived experience of homelessness - the Youth Action Society is working to change that by putting power back into the hands of young people.

Through meaningful connection with peers and access to resources, the Youth Action Society helps Youth Action Boards across the country grow their impact on local and national movements to end homelessness.

As members of the Youth Action Society, Youth Action Boards gain:

  • Access to monthly conversations with other young people with lived experience,
  • Eligibility for attendance at the Youth Action Summit in 2021,
  • And more.
Rivianna Hyatt, True Colors United, speaks on the ways that youth and young adults can further shape the movement to end youth homelessness.

Applications for the Youth Action Society are Open Now.

Apply now to represent your Youth Action Board on the Youth Action Society.